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Supervisory Responsibilities

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The work of all enterprise employees is assigned, directed, supervised, and reviewed by a department head or supervisor.  Each employee will ordinarily have only one supervisor.

Effective supervision depends upon the ability of supervisors to get employees to do what is necessary with professionalism and enthusiasm.  Supervisory responsibilities include:

  • Directing employees’ work.
  • Hiring, counseling, and disciplining employees as necessary.  Recommending discharges to general manager.
  • In conjunction with Annual Enterprise Goals, establishing goals for their department or section.
  • Establishing and maintaining high standards of service, quality, and job performance for employees.  Providing a strong emphasis on service to customers/guests/members by use of the organization’s Standards of Service.
  • Resolving service issues in a prompt, courteous way.  Seeking constant feedback from customers concerning quality of operation.  Ensuring that all employees have a complete dedication to the needs and desires of customers.
  • Establishing systems, standards, policies, and procedures for the efficient operation of their department or section.  Paying close attention to the details of the operation that distinguish an outstanding operation from a merely good one.
  • Supervising employees, ensuring that all systems, standards, policies, and procedures are followed.  Supervising the work of employees with emphasis on high levels of quality and service, making on-the-spot corrections as necessary.  Constantly reinforcing ideals of quality and service to employees.
  • Developing formal training programs and providing ongoing individual skills and service technique training for employees.
  • Scheduling employees in the most cost-effective way to accomplish necessary work.  Verifying hours worked.
  • Monitoring and controlling departmental costs, especially payroll.  Ensuring that all employees have work to do throughout the workday and workweek.  Sending employees home when necessary to avoid overtime and control costs.  Advising management on changes in staffing structure to accomplish the work in the most cost-effective way.  Preventing abuse of sick/emergency days.
  • Establishing and meeting annual and monthly budgets for department.  Using Tools to Beat Budget to help monitor and control expenses.
  • Ordering supplies as necessary.  Conducting accurate inventories as necessary in a timely and thorough manner.  Ensuring the security of inventories.
  • Ensuring the safe operation of all equipment.  Reporting equipment defects and malfunctions to maintenance for repair.
  • Maintaining equipment and machinery in good working condition.  Monitoring cleanliness of areas of responsibility.  Cleaning as necessary and coordinating with housekeeping for special cleaning or areas needing attention.
  • Ensuring that organization policies, including appearance and grooming standards for department, are followed by all employees.
  • Instilling an awareness of energy conservation in staff.
  • Benchmarking departmental performance with operating statistics tracked over time and analyzed continuously.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective communication with departmental staff, other departments, and senior management.
  • Establishing and maintaining a high degree of motivation and morale within department.
  • Ensuring a safe workplace.  Training employees concerning safety issues.
  • Ensuring a secure workplace.  Developing and maintaining a security consciousness among staff.
  • Working together with other department heads and supervisors to develop a team-like approach to the operation where the emphasis is placed on problem discovery and solution.

Excerpted from What I Expect from My Club Management Team

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