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What I Expect from My Human Resources Manager

Monday, October 11th, 2010

There is probably no area of club management that is more fraught with legal and liability issues than Human Resources due to extensive and detailed government regulation and the potential for problems from poorly trained managers violating employee rights.

While it’s important to spell out the General Manager’s requirements for all department heads, having clear expectations for the Human Resource Manager should be the highest priority.  Here are my requirements:

  • Written Job Descriptions for all club positions.  These have important implications during the hiring process to ensure the right person with the right skill set is hired for each position, as well as providing the basis for employees to understand the club’s expectations of them.
  • Written Standards, Policies, and Procedures (SPPs) for all aspects of the human resource function.  Not only is this important for consistency sake, but also as a tool to train managers and supervisors on the legal requirements and consequences of failing to follow them.
  • Written requirements for Recruiting, the Hiring Process, and a Flow Chart of Actions and decisions.  This must cover all necessary paperwork, regulatory requirements, and potential problems areas.
  • Written Employee Disciplinary Procedures and Documentation to ensure all managers and supervisors have a thorough understanding of processes, paperwork, and issues.
  • Written Discharge Processes and documentation for the same reasons.
  • An Onboarding Plan for both managers and employees covering all necessary steps to properly welcome, indoctrinate, and begin the training process for new hires, to include:
  • Written Standards, Policies, and Procedures for Human Resource Administration to include all recordkeeping and documentation, as well as the standard setup, filing requirements, and security of Employee Personnel Files.
  • Design and administration of the club’s Work Planning and Performance Review Program to include:
    • Meaningful work plans and performance reviews for non-supervisory employees.
    • Annual schedule and timelines for meeting performance review requirements.
    • Assist the General Manager in devising Work Plans and Performance Reviews with measurable accountabilities for managers and supervisors.
  • Benchmarking of Departmental Staffing, Personnel Actions, and Turnover.  These statistics provide summary information of departmental personnel actions and may point to problems with leadership, motivation, and morale requiring the General Manager’s intervention.
  • Human Resource Training:
    • Disciplined Hiring; hiring, disciplinary actions, and termination requirements; HR documentation; legal and liability issues; unemployment compensation program; and HR on the Go for managers.
    • Sexual harassment for employees.
  • An Outreach Program whereby the Human Resource Manager visits each club department head on a monthly basis to discuss needs and issues.

Without a well-defined, organized, and highly-disciplined Human Resource function clubs are inviting trouble in the form of time-consuming, costly, and potentially devastating legal action.  The first step in protecting the club is to implement the above requirements, but beyond that the General Manager must ensure that all managers and supervisors are thoroughly trained in all HR requirements and scrupulously follow them.  This is certainly not an area to leave to chance or hope for the best–the risk and cost of failure is too great!

Thanks and have a great day!

Ed Rehkopf

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