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Utility Benchmarking: The First Step in Energy Conservation

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Almost daily we hear more disturbing news about environmental degradation and the impact on our planet of our ever-increasing levels of fossil fuel consumption.  Just a few years ago there was a significant debate on whether the current period of global warming was man-made or if it was just part of the natural cycle of the planet.  While some scientist continue to question the exact causes of warming oceans, melting icecaps, degradation of the ozone, and other symptoms of our impact on Mother Earth, the consensus today seems to be we are facing a looming crisis and that much needs to be done to decrease our carbon footprint in all areas of our lives.

While most of us wait for some stroke of technology or government intervention to lead us out of the crisis, there are currently and soon-to-be other significant reasons for the business sector to address the problem within the scope of their operations – that of cost.  While government regulation of utility prices has kept the upward climb of utility costs manageable, we cannot always expect this to be so as the cost of extracting oil or converting to new greener technologies is expected to rise dramatically in coming years.

Environmentalists have long pointed out that the cheapest alternative to ever rising energy costs is that of avoidance – of conserving energy by the end user.  This applies to our homes, but increasingly is being looked at by businesses as a way of reducing or stabilizing these costs.  It seems at every turn we are being encouraged to change our light bulbs, better insulate, shift demand to non-peak hours, purchase more energy efficient machines, or just turn off unneeded lights and equipment.

Whether you are currently considering new investment in energy-saving technologies or will wait until it becomes a financial imperative for your club, you will not be able to adequately determine the cost/benefit of any initiative without an understanding of the energy use at your club.  Without this understanding any decision you make will be based upon wishful thinking or the promises of vendors.

So now is the time to start benchmarking your utilities which is easily enough done by tracking your consumption and cost for electricity, gas, and water.  For each one of these commodities you receive a monthly bill from your utility companies that provides all the pertinent information.  It’s a simple matter of extracting this data from the invoice and putting them in Excel spreadsheets month-by-month and year-by-year for each area of your operation for which you receive a bill.

Whether you plan to act soon to control energy costs or wait to some future time, these utility benchmarks will serve you well as you determine options and costs.  Someone once said that, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”  I would say that it’s also true that, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.”  Start measuring your energy use patterns and costs now so that you can make those improvements when it becomes necessary.

Click here for utility benchmarking instructions and here to find spreadsheets.

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Ed Rehkopf

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