All of us who work in this business understand that club operations are both people intensive and detail intensive. It takes a lot of employees to provide the requisite levels of service in a club and every aspect of service involves countless details. These two facts make detailed, ongoing training an absolute necessity for any successful operation.

Types of Training. There are a wide variety of topics that must be taught to both managers and employees to fully prepare them for their jobs.

1.  Leadership Development Training for managers and supervisors – designed to enhance consistent leadership skills, which are the driving force behind any successful endeavor.

2.  Organizational Systems Training such as HR and Accounting Standards, Policies, and Procedures for managers and supervisors – designed to teach the underlying organization and operational systems that permit the club to operate efficiently.

3.  Club Culture Training for all employees – designed to foster a thorough understanding of the club’s values and service ethic.

4.  Legal Compliance Training for managers, supervisors, and employees – designed to provide all required training in matters with legal implications for the club such as Equal Employment Opportunity, Fair Labor Standards Act, Sexual Harassment, Family Medical Leave, etc.

5.  Liability Abatement Training in such matters as Safety and HR for managers, supervisors, and employees-designed to limit the club’s liability exposure.

6.  Service Technique Training for employees – designed to give each employee the skill set necessary to perform his job and meet the club’s high standards of service.

Items 1 through 5 above should be developed by the club for consistency sake and provided club-wide; item 6 is specific to each department and should be developed and taught by individual department heads.


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