Principles of Service

The following principles govern the quality of the service we wish to offer:

  1. SERVICE is our only product. We aim to provide the highest possible level of service to our customers/guests/members.
  2. Attitude and a sense of enthusiasm are important ingredients in providing high quality SERVICE.
  3. The first step in providing SERVICE is to anticipate the needs and desires of our customers. To do this we must examine every area of our operation in detail to determine how we can give more and better service and value.
  4. To provide high quality SERVICE, we must know what our customers want and expect. Therefore, we should constantly seek their comments, criticisms, and opinions about our operation.
  5. If a customer perceives a problem, there is a problem. It makes absolutely no difference whether we think there is a problem or not. Furthermore, the problem is ours, not the customer’s. The burden rests entirely with us to change the customer’s perception.
  6. We should never be defensive when a customer comes to us with a problem. He or she is doing us an immense favor by bringing the problem to our attention. We must listen carefully to make sure we understand the nature of the problem and take action to correct it.
  7. Every problem has a solution. Placing blame for problems is not our concern. Solving problems and analyzing them to ensure they don’t happen again is our only concern.
  8. The SERVICE profession is a demanding one, but one that offers many rewards. There is nothing more demanding or more satisfying than accepting the challenge of turning someone’s anger and unhappiness into a smile.
  9. A true SERVICE attitude involves sincerely caring for our fellow man. The good feeling we get from helping others is proof positive that when we give to others, we give to ourselves.
  10. A sincere smile is the smallest yet most important element of SERVICE. Though smiles are formed with the mouth, when sincerely given, they come from within. Smiles are more than just lip service.

The Principles of Service and what they mean should be second nature to every hospitality employee.

Thanks and have a great day!

Ed Rehkopf

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