A Major and Much-Needed Enhancement to Club Management Systems

Several years ago I wrote an article entitled, Do You Know What Your Club Management System Can Do?, in which I listed additional features that I would like to see included in management system software.  One of those features was what is commonly called a Human Resources Information System or HRIS.

My reason for including such software is to streamline the entire HR process for private clubs.  Many, if not most, clubs rely on manual paper systems to handle the complicated processes associated with hiring, promoting, developing, counseling, evaluating, disciplining, discharging, and terminating employees.  Add to this the related processes of establishing rates of pay, adding and removing employees from the club’s payroll, giving pay increases and incentives, and administering benefits, and the entire HR/Payroll function of a club has great potential for error while being fraught with legal and liability issues.  As a result, anything that would simplify and reduce processing errors would not only save the club money, but also reduce the club’s liability exposure.

In 2008 Tom Howard, VP of Technology Training Associates, a certified Jonas Software installer and provider, founded ClubPay with the intent of developing and providing an integrated HRIS and Payroll Service for private clubs.  Working in partnership with Jonas Software and CertiPay, a Florida-based developer of HR and payroll systems software, Tom and his team quickly grew ClubPay to success using their knowledge and experience with the club industry to design and deploy club-specific software and listening carefully to its client clubs for further enhancements to ClubPay best practices.

2010 was a big year for ClubPay.  Jonas Software bought out Tom and his partners making ClubPay a “Jonas Solution Offering”.  Since then ClubPay has been selected by BoardRoom Magazine for the “Excellence in Achievement Award” in both 2011 and 2012, with the awards being presented at the San Diego CMAA – World Conference & Club Business Expo in February of this year.

The purchase by Jonas was a natural as the ClubPay design allowed for seamless integration of its software with the already robust Jonas suite of software solutions.

ClubPay offers the following primary functions:

  • ClubPay – full service payroll outsourcing and tax filing
  • ClubHR – integrated human resources management
  • ClubTime – complete labor management and scheduling solutions, including the option of biometric time clocks
  • ClubComply – cost effective legal compliance tools designed to meet the needs of clubs
  • ClubApplicant – fast, effective hiring process with paperless applicant tracking

The ClubPay HR and Payroll functions are built for flexibility, allowing them to scale solutions and pricing to any size club.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on a ClubPay webinar demonstrating its time & attendance software and HR management system.  Having designed a comprehensive paper-based system earlier in my career, I was impressed by the ease-of-use and intuitive structure of various screens and reporting mechanism.  Based on what I saw, the ClubPay system would be a major improvement over paper-based human resource management system.  Further, given the ease of use, the conversion and training should not be a challenge for any club.

An added feature that I think would be well-worthwhile for clubs is the HR Online service for $39.95/month.  This service provides 24/7 access to HR practices, HR Alerts, Job Description templates, and much more.  A more robust package at $157.25/month provides access to a professional live HR Help Desk Support.

Another feature called Employee Self Service, provides employees with secure web-based access to their individual payroll, personnel, and benefits information, as well as links to benefit providers, 401k accounts, and the club’s digital employee handbook.  This feature would certainly reduce the amount of questions and requests for information to your administrative staff.

All in all, I think ClubPay has hit a home run with their well-designed and tiered HR and Payroll services.  While it may not be the right solution for every club, I think all clubs should evaluate its potential benefits and liability avoidance in light of their existing practices and costs.

Thanks and have a great day!

Ed Rehkopf

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  1. Thank you for the ClubPay mention and for sharing your insights on the importance of automating employee payroll/hr data processes to help eliminate errors and control liability exposures. Especially, now with the complexities of Federal and State employment regulations being focused on small to medium sized businesses it is most important for Clubs to keep a tight reign on employee data collection and have the ability to easily report on that data.

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