How to Fail at Club Management 101

Failure in club management is a many-headed monster.  The following factors are common to all failing club managers.

  • Don’t bother with a Mission and Vision Statement.
  • Don’t define and reinforce your organization’s values.
  • Don’t bother with planning.
  • Don’t create a written operations manual made up of standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Don’t treat your employees as if they mattered.
  • Assume every manager and supervisor you hire is a strong leader.
  • Don’t bother to delegate.
  • Don’t bother to communicate your expectations to your employees.
  • Don’t develop meaningful work plans for your subordinate managers.
  • Don’t hold anyone accountable.
  • Leave legal and liability issues to chance.
  • Don’t worry about internal controls.
  • Expect that safety and security will take care of themselves.
  • Let your clerical staff handle human resource matters.
  • Don’t bother creating an employee handbook.
  • Don’t benchmark your operations.
  • Assume your subordinate managers know what they’re doing.
  • Focus as much time and energy as possible on currying favor with members.
  • Don’t worry about professional development for yourself and your managers.
  • Don’t expand your knowledge and skills by reading management and leadership books.
  • Assume the details of your operation will take care of themselves.
  • Blame your managers and staff for any failures.
  • Be more concerned about your perks than the nuts and bolts of your operation.
  • Get as many freebies from the club as you can.

How to Fail at Club Management 201:  Fail to recognize how your example from 101 above sets the standard by which your managers and employees conduct themselves and the club’s business every day.

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Ed Rehkopf

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