Impediments to Quality and Service

We frequently write about those steps that a club must take to promote excellence.  As an alternative let’s examine those things that act as impediments to quality and service.

Think about each of the following obstacles to a smooth-running operation where quality and service are paramount; then decide whose responsibility it is to remove the impediment:

  1. Lack of culture or failure to consistently reinforce the culture
  2. Lack of standards (stated expectations)
  3. Lack of communication
  4. Lack of leadership, leadership consistency, and example
  5. Lack of organization; toleration of a chaotic work environment
  6. Lack of disciplines to hire the best staff
  7. Lack of planning, operational review, and process improvement
  8. Failure to remove obstacles to efficiency
  9. Lack of training or training consistency
  10. Lack of teamwork, morale, and enthusiasm
  11. Lack of understanding about what members want/expect
  12. Lack of member relationship management plan
  13. Lack of employee empowerment
  14. Lack of accountability

If you have a true understanding of the responsibilities of leadership – that a leader is responsible for everything his or her unit does or fails to do – then correcting every one of these impediments is a function of management.

Intrinsically understanding this validates that W. Edwards Deming was right when he said, “The worker is not the problem.  The problem is at the top!  Management is the problem!” and “There is much talk about how to get employees involved with quality.  The big problem is how to get management involved.”

Understanding what causes a problem is the first step to correcting it.  So take the next step and read The Quest for Remarkable Service which provides an overarching plan for excellence in club operations.  Then begin implementing the processes and disciplines that will remove any and all impediments to quality and service.

Thanks and have a great day!

Ed Rehkopf

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