The Ultimate Value of People

We acknowledge each operation as a team of dedicated individuals working toward common goals and we recognize the ultimate value of people in everything we do.

While each employee has his or her own duties and responsibilities, every employee of our club works toward the common goal of understanding and exceeding the expectations of our members and guests. Ultimately our business is about people and they must be valued and respected wherever and whenever encountered.

Every employee contributes to the success of the club. The only differences among employees are their level or authority and responsibility. Every department and the club as a whole is a team of people working toward a common goal. The complete support, cooperation, and dedication of all employees is necessary for our success.

We are in the people business. Members, guests, employees, and managers are all individuals who should be acknowledged and valued wherever and whenever we encounter them. Friendliness, courtesy, and good cheer should pervade every area of our operation. Discord, rancor, and unpleasantness should be rooted out wherever found.

Take Away:   The most basic and important understanding a leader in the service and hospitality business must have is the ultimate value of people.  Wherever and whenever you meet them, regardless of position, title, or dependence on the leader, they must be honored and valued.

Excerpted from Values on the Go.

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Ed Rehkopf

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