Hiring Responsibility and Due Diligence

There is only one person responsible for hiring the right people and that is the manager or supervisor of the person being hired.  The hiring manager or supervisor is the one who is accountable for his department or section’s performance and, therefore, is the only person who should make the hiring decision.  While every leader will occasionally mis-hire, those supervisors that consistently hire the wrong people should be held accountable.

Do not for one moment think that hiring is the responsibility of a human resource manager.  He may assist in the process, but the assistance is no more than clerical or consultative.  If any person hired turns out to be a bust, the only person responsible and accountable is the hiring manager, and she must bear the consequences of mis-hiring.

Given the responsibility managers have to hire the right people and to avoid hiring the wrong people, they need to exercise ‘due diligence’ throughout the hiring process.

Due diligence is a financial/accounting term that means to conduct an investigation of a potential investment and/or confirm all material facts in regards to a sale.  Generally, due diligence refers to the care a reasonable person should take before entering into an agreement or a transaction with another party and is essentially a way of preventing unnecessary harm to either party involved in a transaction.

While the term ‘due diligence’ has come to take on the wider meaning of doing one’s homework to prevent mistakes, clearly the original definition applies to hiring employees, that is making an offer of employment to another party.

The failure of hiring managers to use ‘due diligence’ includes:

  • Failing to analyze and identify the requirements of a vacant position.
  • Failure to carefully screen applicants to ensure that their experience, skill set, and personality are appropriate for the vacant position.
  • Failure to conduct adequate interviews, particularly face-to-face, with applicants. Failure to carefully check references.

Hiring managers must take full responsibility for the outcome of each new hire and use the discipline of due diligence in screening applicants for hiring.

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