Club Safety

Clubs have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of its members and employees.  To meet this responsibility the club must take reasonable steps to ensure employees:

  • Work and act in a safe and healthful manner;
  • Conduct their work in compliance with all applicable health and safety rules;
  • Use all means and methods available to work in a safe and healthy manner;
  • Not remove or disable any safety device, guard, notice or warning provided for use in providing safe working conditions; and
  • Are informed about any known health hazards to which they are exposed, the measures which have been taken for the prevention and control of such hazards, and the proper methods for utilizing such control measures.

While the General Manager has ultimate responsibility to ensure that the club provides a safe environment for members, guests, and employees, managers and supervisors have the following responsibilities in regard to safety:

  • Identify any safety hazards in their areas of responsibility.
  • Analyze departmental positions for inherent safety hazards. Modify work practices or work spaces to reduce hazard risks.
  • Ensure proper training of employees in all matters relating to safe work practices and work environment.
  • Cooperate with the club’s safety director in conducting routine safety inspections.
  • Correct all deficiencies noted in such inspections in a timely manner.
  • Investigate and analyze accidents to determine unsafe condition and causes of accidents.
  • Promptly and properly complete Accident Reports when necessary.
  • Enforce safe work practices, special safety requirements, and the use of safety clothing, equipment, and protective devices.

For a more complete discussion of club safety issues and responsibilities, review sample Club Safety Policies.

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