Unless your employees inhabit some alternate reality, one in which every employee intrinsically understands the multi-dimensional requirements of service and has telepathic powers to know how you want them to function at all times, you as a general manager must spell out your expectations for them.

This is particularly so for your management team.  Regardless of background, education, and work experience, you must ensure that they know what you expect of them in all situations.  Further, to ensure consistency in the operation and how employees interact with members, managers must have a common understanding of the club’s standards, policies, and procedures.  This means that you must communicate in detail your expectations for the following:

  • Leadership
  • How members and employees are valued and treated
  • Organizational values
  • Club culture and service standards
  • Club and departmental organization
  • Operational disciplines
  • Training, and
  • Performance

Without making the effort define expectation in these critical areas, the club will operate as a collection of tribes, each reflecting the dedication, performance, and example of its manager.  Such an operation will be disorganized and conflicted – incapable of rendering consistent service and value to its members.

Any general manager with any length of experience and time to reflect upon the realities of our industry will know this to be true, yet who has the time to spell out such a large, complex, and interconnected set of expectations while dealing with the day-in, day-out challenges of a busy hospitality operation?

It is for this reason that, at the culmination of a long career in hotels, resorts, and private clubs, I have attempted to define the expectations I have for those who report to me.  While these expectations reflect my approach to leadership and management and may not apply in every case, I believe they offer a large number of proven best practices for any manager who wishes to develop employees to their fullest potential and provide high levels of service.

Click here to review a sample of What I Expect from My Club Management Team.

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Ed Rehkopf

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