Time Management Disciplines

In the often hectic environment of club management, managers must use their limited time efficiently to be effective.  Understand that time management is not about managing time.  It’s about identifying time-wasting personal habits and changing them to be more efficient.  Here are some disciplines that will help:

  • Ensure your department or section is well-organized with detailed operating systems, standards, policies, and procedures.  Without these, employees “freelance,” requiring continual supervision and intervention to do things properly.  This will eat up more of your time than anything else.
  • Plan ahead.  Always be looking ahead for upcoming activities, events, projects, and tasks.  Planning is near impossible if a manager always has his head down.  By identifying upcoming tasks, the manager can review what needs to be done to prepare.
  • Make to do lists.  Not only do lists help on a day-by-day basis, they should be made for upcoming events and tasks.
  • Establish priorities and continually review them.
  • Develop routines.  Daily, weekly, and monthly routines help sort out what has to be done and when.
  • Use checklists for routine tasks.  Tasks such as monthly inventories, new hire onboarding, and benchmarking summaries should be detailed on checklists that can be used as necessary.
  • Develop and use meeting disciplines when planning and holding meetings.
  • Delegate routine tasks to properly trained subordinates.
  • Organize work space, files, and records.  An immense amount of time can be wasted by looking for misplaced items.
  • Use a personal computer to create important information, particularly those items that will be used again and again.  Save and organize these items so they’re easily found.
  • Use a Day-Timer or Personal Digital Assistant to organize contacts, emails, and schedule.
  • Set office hours to avoid excessive interruptions.
  • Set and keep a routine schedule as much as possible.

Keep track of those things that waste time.  Review this list periodically and brainstorm ways to avoid “time wasters.”

Thanks and have a great day!

Ed Rehkopf

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