Guest Blog: How Technology is Changing the Way Clubs Hire

This guest blog is excerpted from a White Paper by the same title.

Three major factors are driving change in the employment landscape today.  They are the Economy, Technology, and Communication. These three forces will change nearly everything you know about hiring and employment. The effects they have are happening now.

Let’s start with the economy. Obvious to everyone at this point is the fact that we are undeniably in a recession which plays a major role in how we recruit, hire, manage, compensate and retain employees.

Secondly, we are in the midst of a major revolution in technology and the way it is used in our daily lives. This is true from both a personal and professional perspective and affects nearly every aspect of the hiring process.

Finally, the way we communicate and interact with others has undergone drastic changes which have a tremendous effect on all employment related processes.

Based on these three factors, here are the top six predicted changes that will affect the way you recruit, hire and employ at your club.

1.   Increased Employment Litigation.  As clubs continue to reduce staff levels in an effort to meet shrinking budgets, litigation will rise. It will become very important to carefully evaluate your hiring, employment and termination practices to protect your club.

2.   More Important to “Hire Right.”  It will become increasingly important to hire the right person. Hiring will take on a more “holistic” approach, looking not only for the right skill set and experience, but also for the right “fit” and “personality.” As staffs are reduced and hires become fewer, the value of a good hire goes up. Likewise, the cost of a bad hire goes up.

3.   Technology Will Play a Bigger Role.  Due to both of the above factors and an overwhelming number of applicants, recruiting, and interviewing will be much more time consuming. Making a hiring decision will naturally be more difficult. Technology will help hiring managers take control and ensure they are acquiring the best talent.

4.   Shift in Recruitment Methods.  We have already seen a huge shift how potential employees and employers connect. The internet has completely changed the game. Both job seekers and hiring managers now utilize personal and professional networks, online profiles and specialty job boards to find a position.

5.   Personal/Professional Life Blurs.  Whether you like it or not, our lives are becoming more transparent and the line between our personal and professional life is quickly blurring. This presents quite a paradox. On the one hand, we fear for our privacy rights through ID cards, cameras, and other monitoring while on the other hand we voluntarily publish personal details about our lives and relationships on the internet for the entire world to see.

6.   Social Media More Critical To Hiring Process.  Social media is already playing a major role in the employment process and the importance of this role is rapidly increasing. Who you are and what you do online will become more of a factor related to hiring and getting hired.

When we make a hire, whether it be a server, groundskeeper or department head, we do not want to be forced to reinvent the wheel each time. We want to have a progressive system in place that yields consistent results and helps us make the best hire with the most talent in the shortest amount of time.

What can you do to stack the odds in your favor? Here are the top five tips to better hiring:

1.       Build an Optimized Careers Site within your Club Website.  Your careers site can and should be an extension of your club site. Ideally, it should create a vision of what it is like to work at your club, all job postings are current, and it allows for online applications.

2.       Use PUSH Technology When Posting Positions.  By pushing out to free job boards, you will extend your reach to potential applicants at no cost to the club!

3.       Capture Applicant Information into a Database.  This requires an application management system” sometimes referred to as an “applicant tracking” or “hiring process management” system. With the recession and increasing ease of internet-based applications, the number of job seekers responding to each job posting has risen dramatically.  A database and automated process of screening will drastically reduce your hiring workload.

4.       Use Job Alerts to Build a Passive Applicant Pool.  This next tip may be the most valuable one.  People with an interest in working at your club can ask to be notified of openings in which they have interest. This will enable your club to keep potential employees alerted every time you post a new opening.

5.       Leverage Social Media to Make Better Hires.  The two most important ways Social Media is impacting hiring are communicating/connecting with potential employees and vetting prospective employees. Understanding this phenomenon is essential to your hiring only the “right” people for your club.

The world of employment has and continues to experience drastic change. There is more competition for jobs due to a declining economy, the cost of making bad hires is increasing, the importance of making good hires is increasing, and technology is completely changing the way the game is played.

Don’t let these changes and opportunities pass you by. Be proactive and move quickly to leverage these new and exciting approaches to ensure you are hiring simpler, better and more effectively.

You will find the improvements in attracting more high quality applicants, shortening the time to hire; relieving the administrative burden and eliminating traditional recruitment costs will produce an almost immediate ROI for your club!

Click here to read the full White Paper.

Tom Howard, President, ClubPay

Tom has worked in the private club industry for over 20 years working in various positions within private country clubs including food and beverage manager, general manager and director of operations. For ten years, Tom has helped over 600 clubs “get the most out of technology” in his role as Vice President of Technology Training Associates (TTA), the largest provider of the Jonas Software in the country.

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